Cool Gadget: GAMAGO Zen Dipping Bowl

If you are the type that love to consume eastern food such as sushi or sashimi, you’ll know how important the sauce and vinegar is. There is a saying that if you don’t want to get your head filled with worm when consuming a lot of raw food like sushi, you should let the raw meat dipped into the vinegar properly before putting into your mouth. Though I don’t really approve that thought, but there is no harm doing so as it will add more flavor to the fresh sweet raw meat.


Since eating eastern food where sauce and vinegar become an important element, you’ll want to get something like this cool GAMAGO Zen Dipping bowl to be the eastern style companion. I found this dipping bowl at Amazon and it’s quite interesting because it has the most popular Yin-Yang symbol in Eastern culture. The bowl itself is colored in pale white, but once you’ve filled it with the sauce, you can immediately see the yin-yang effect appear.


Light and dark, yin and yang, oil and vinegar. Achieve a harmoniously tasty balance with the Zen ceramic Dipping Bowl. This product is dishwasher safe.

Depend on your taste, you can fill it with any sauces that you love to the bowl. For me, I’ll choose the extreme one: dynamite spicy sushi sauce or wasabi-driven sauce that could kill germs in raw meats.

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