Eco-Newspaper: Newspaper Projector Concept Design

Sooner or later, every published newspaper that uses real paper will disappear in the market, substituted by e-newspaper which has been existed quite awhile. The reason is to reduce the trees being cut down to produce papers and avoid global warming issue that is quite serious now. With e-newspaper that could be delivered to our iPad or tablet PC, there is no need to use paper or wasting valuable ink that will be discarded in recycling process.

Designer Shen Guo has come up with a supportive concept design to help news cruncher to read their news in a paper-less condition. Also, they’ve no need to open up their tablet PC to read news with his concept.


Shen Guo call this concept as Eco-newspaper, which is a mini projector device that uses a modern motion tracking technology to track finger movement on the projected picture. By the way, it looks similar with the existing infra-red keyboard at Thinkgeek (also on Amazon), which is a keyboard projector that show the layout of a real keyboard and will detect each finger movement that touch the zone.

The main difference of eco-newspaper is that it will display colorful projection instead of red lines or zones, and user is able to flip the newspaper, similar to the interaction with touchscreen display on a tablet/iPad. It would be a cool solution for modern people who dislike the complexity of a tablet when trying to read newspaper.

More info and images: YankoDesign

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