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Pultius TV Remote Control By Art Lebedev

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Art Lebedev has another cool concept in their studio called Pultius TV remote control. If you’ve known Art Lebedev’s style, you’ll know that he always introduce something unique and special. Therefore, their remote control is nothing ordinary as well. Pultius TV remote could be called as the longest remote control you’ll ever seen, and it even featured by the longest domain name in the world as one of their acknowledged longest stuff! :)

Pultius TV remote control

There are total of 109 buttons, including the on/off and navigational/volume buttons. Pultius remote is half a meter (almost 20 inches) long, powered by two AAA-sized batteries. It could control up to 399 TV channels and I hope it could be used an universal remote as well.


[Art Lebedev]
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