Samsung SSD 840 Series Solid State Drive

If you’ve had the chance to install an SSD on your system, I’m sure you’ll not going to look back anymore. Since I upgrade my laptop with one of the mainstream SSD available in the market, the performance was amazing and I’ll never want to exchange for a hard drive anymore. One of the best SSD brand in the market is Samsung. We have seen how strong this guy was in the benchmark video, and now we have heard the the company is going to insert an even better SSD series into their product line.


Recently, Samsung announced that they are going to roll out Samsung SSD 840 series, which is the model that will fully support SATA 6.0 gigabit/s interface. Based on the factory test, the writing speed is capable of reaching 450MB/s, and reading speed of up to 520MB/s. Notice that it’s the default speed and overclocker might be able to push it up even more.

The unrivaled performance of Samsung’s SSDs lies in its MDX controller, which delivers superior performance, high reliability and sustainability that are among the product’s proprietary features. The premium class 840 PRO provides 100,000 input/ output per second (IOPS) for random read and 90,000 IOPS for random write*. Benchmark test** on the overall system performance unveiled a three-fold advancement when applying the 840 PRO in place of a conventional hard disk drive.

Samsung SSD 840 Series solid state drive is going to hit the market in October 2012. However, we have no idea if it’s early or late October, and the pricing is still undisclosed.

[via Samsung]

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