Retractable Printer Concept – Portable Printing Up To A2 Paper Size

Neilson Navarrete has open the world to a new possibility where people could print on large A2 paper (the largest size) by using a small, portable and retractable tube-like printer.


The compact size of this retractable printer is said to be able to fit in a photo paper or letter size paper, while the full retracted mode could support up to an A2 paper! You can take a look at the concept picture below for more details:



You’ll also get a handy touchscreen color LCD display to navigate through the menu, and it is going to use individual ink tanks under CMYK mode.


This printer has got no fancy name yet as it’s still a concept at the moment, however, the concept is clearly designed for Lexmark as the brand has been printed all over the concept images. It’s not set in stone and no guarantee that Lexmark will pick up this concept and turn it into a real product, but it would be cool to get such type of printer that would compatible with wide range of paper sizes.

[via YankoDesign]

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