Easy Remote Door Locking With Lockitron Smartphone Door Lock

Lockitron is a new door lock system that allow us to lock our door remotely. It was first appeared in the market back in 2009, and now it’s been redesigned to fit most existing door locks.


The most convenient thing is that you can lock your door anywhere in the world, as long as you’ve got internet connection. Also, it’s very convenient as you can figure out if you’ve properly lock your door or not when outgoing. There is a simple app that you can install on your iPhone that will give you the notification. Through that same app, you can command Lockitron smartphone door lock to open or close your door. This door lock is also capable of receiving command via sms message from old phone.


Lockitron has a built-in WiFi to connect to your home network, and the battery is said to be able to last for a year, thanks to its intelligent power management. Of course, the downside is that you’ve to make sure that your home network stays online all the time when you are outgoing, and you won’t be able command Lockitron to do action if there is a power failure (but the chance is low).

You can check out the following video for more details:

Anyway, if you are interested to buy this handy gadget, you can pre-order it now for $149 at Lockitron. It will be shipped on March 2013 next year.

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