Everpurse – Stylish Lady Purse That Could Recharge Smartphone

A new lady purse made by Dan Salcedo is now capable of recharging smartphone while leaving no trace of biggie battery that looks odd. It’s very cool for ladies who love something beautiful and avoid carrying big flat battery around in order to prolong their smartphone’s battery.


This is the Everpurse – a lady purse with built-in battery for extra juice for smartphone. It’s stylish and hi-tech because it comes with Qi standard inductive charging to refill the battery juice. You’ll find no wire or port for recharging because all you need is to put the purse on a charging pad to refill the battery.


When you want to charge your smartphone, all you have to do is open the zip, slide in your phone (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3) to the pocket and the phone will be recharge automagically. The purse has enough juice to recharge your phone for 0% to 100% twice per full charge on the charging pad. It’s really useful for hardcore business women who receives bunch of long duration calls everyday. There is no need to bring large battery or stay close to the power outlet all the time.



If you find this product interesting, you can find out more of the details at Kickstarter project page. You can pledge $129 or more to get this purse and become the supporter of this project.

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