Txtr Beagle ebook Reader – The Cheapest e-Reader of 2012

Let me ask you, what is the cheapest ebook reader? Kindle? Nook simple touch? well, no. They are not the king of the cheapest ebook reader now because txtr Beagle has appeared!


txtr Beagle is the new king in the ‘cheapest ebook reader’ kingdom as I believe no one would beat them in price term. This ebook reader is extremely basic, however. The only function is for reading digital book, and that is why the “Read|only” trademark was printed there. No mp3 playback, no touchscreen, no WiFi, no other thing than basic functionality.

Specification-wise, txtr Beagle ebook reader is coming with 5-inch Vizplex eInk, 8-levels of gray scale, 800 x 600 pixel resolution, bluetooth connection, 4GB internal memory and four different color tastes: Jade Green, Grapefruit, Purple and Turquoise.

The bluetooth technology will let you transfer ebooks from your smartphone (using Txtr app – iOS or Android) to txtr ebook reader. Based on the claims, txtr Beagle can read most book formats supported by a smartphone. This is pretty cool as such a cheap reader could also support PDF and ePUB.


Now, the most interesting fact is the price. Based on Engadget‘s post, this mini ebook reader will cost no more than $13 (€10)! That’s even cheaper than some branded scientific calculator!

Even better, Txtr Beagle reader promises up to 365 days of battery life (under moderate usage) and you don’t have to recharge them. Just buy three AAA battery, replace and you are good to go for another year.

I’m sure this little guy will be selling like a hot cake when it’s become available…

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