Original Breath – Window Air Purifier Concept To Change The Look of A Window

Designer Yu-Cheng Wang has come up with a magnificent concept for an unique day time air purifier. The device is called Original Breath, where it is window panel that you can install it into your home’s wall like any ordinary glass window.


However, what’s cool is that the Original breath can purify the dirty polluted air from outside and bring a green and fresh breathable air into your room without any artificial flavoring. With this type of window, you don’t really need to put a standalone air purification device in the corner of your room because Original Breath will supply the fresh air for you.


Based on the image above, you’ll know that this concept is pretty promising. The window has built-in solar panel to power up the internal mini suction fan to allow the air to flow. There is an opening at the bottom of the window air purifier that allow the device to pull polluted air from outside of the building, and push it through the plants filter in the lower part of the air purifier.

Guess what, this type of system is leveraging the natural process of a plant, which is a clever idea rather than using life-less filter from the conventional air purifier. You know that plant inhales CO2 and exhales O2 in the day time, so by using this opportunity, the device can produce the maximum fresh air from real plants.

However, there is no guarantee on how much fresh air it could provide as plant breath slowly. Also, since this device is extracting air from plants, it might be quite dangerous when you want to use it at night time. Plants exhales CO2 at that time, so the air quality might turn bad in the night time.

Luckily, this Original Breath window air purifier will not be functional when the sun has set as it didn’t come with a battery in the first place.

Original Breath is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.


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