Amazon Launching Attack With “Kindle Fire HD is Much Better than iPad Mini” Advert

If you are a frequent Amazon visitor, you might have seen this new advert published on their homepage.


Yep, Amazon is officially “attacking” Apple by comparing their new stuffs side by side. It’s kind of cruel, but it’s the truth anyway… Although I love iPad, but iPad mini is considered a ‘failed’ product with hefty price tag. I’ve no idea where Tim Cook is sailing the Apple ship, but it’s definitely a route into the storm…

Rambling aside, Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HD has really outshining iPad Mini in term of specification. Check out the specs list above (in the image), iPad Mini has less pixel per inch, no HD playback, MONO speaker, SD display and it’s retailing for $329! Lower end specs with high end price tag. Even some Chines tablet has better specs for that price level (SmartQ T30 for example).

However, it didn’t stop the fans in getting the new iPad Mini after all. Based on the data published by GeekyGadgets, Apple has successfully sold out all of their pre-order and has the shipping date moved to at least two weeks from now. This is surprising, and the prove that Apple fans are still loyal to the company.

Obviously, Amazon is on the offensive side on the market to beat the legendary device out of the water. After a series of “unimpressive” new product announcements and launches, do you think Apple still can stand firm in the market? Will Amazon Kindle Fire HD be the next glowing star in the 7-inch tablet market? Well, that is an interesting thing to watch over the next few quarters. Maybe B&N will come out with the new best Nook to slap both Kindle and and iPad Mini? It’s exciting to see the giants slapping each other’s face.

Source [Amazon]

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