Unlace The Twistable Lace – Actually, It’s a Cable Tie…


When looking at the image above, you might think that it’s a bunch of plastic and colorful shoe lace. Well, it is a shoe lace, but it’s only the shape, not the actual one that you can use it on your shoes.

Unlace” is a new item designed by Dante Pauwels and Cindy Glass. This Unlace is taking the shape of shoe lace, but it has a complete different function from its nature. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, it’s actually a cable tie that looks fun and colorful.



Flavored in 8 colors, these twistable ties could be used just like any ordinary cable tie. The main difference is that binding stuffs looks much better with them and they are much more durable than the ordinary one. You can even use it as a mobile phone stand like the picture below:


Interesting, no?

Now, please don’t ask me where you can get one. It’s a concept by Dante and Cindy, so you won’t be able to buy it now. There is no buy button for them because they are not yet manufactured for the mass!

via [YankoDesign]

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