Nike+ FuelBand Sport Tracking Device Unleashed For iOS Devices

New fitness accessory has been announced by Nike called Nike+ FuelBand that will only compatible with iOS devices (iPhone and iPod touch). It’s a fuelband, but don’t translate it bluntly as a band that need gasoline or diesel fuel to work. It is a new sport tracker accessory for athletic (or everyone!) to track their performance.


Nike+ FuelBand is coming in black steel and black ice color, shaped like a big piece of ring that you should wear on your wrist, and it’s not very cross-platform friendly (only compatible with iOS devices).

I like how it could capture different data such as how many steps the user has taken, how many calories burnt, and how long they’ve exercise. Basically, Nike+ FuelBand will track the user’s activity on daily basis (as long as the user wear them) and could automatically assigns value/score to NikeFuel system.

I’m not exactly know how NikeFuel works, but it should be some kind of statistic report that you can get from other similar sport tracker device. Oh, I forgot to mention that you’ve to install a special app on your iPhone (4, 4S, 5) or iPod Touch before you can fully utilize the system. Based on the explanation I’ve got, this mobile app could show you the overall progress and giving you change to brag to your friends by comparing your result with theirs. It’s pretty cool, but if you are slacking around with your exercise, your friends would notice it too!

Well, if you are interested, Nike+ FuelBand is available right now at Amazon for as low as $195. Depending on your size, you might have to add few more dollars to get the larger model. Before getting one, I suggest you to read the comments section at Amazon, especially those who rate it with 1 star (not satisfied). I saw there are quite a lot (44 reviewers by the time of writing this article) owner that dislike this stuff and would not recommend it to their friends…

source [Nike]

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