Energy Return Wheel – The Airless Tires Concept For Bike


Colorado designer Brian Russell has come up with an amazing concept called “energy return wheel”.

This concept is all about the wonder of airless tires for bicycle, which I believe could be useful for all vehicle in the future. Of course, someone with fat pocket have to approve it first before you can see it rolling on the future road.

The Energy Return Wheel designed by Brian Russell will utilize no more air in tires in order to move around. It’s made possible by using “rubber stretched over a series of carbon nano tube reinforced composite rods to provide its cushioning.”


The result is that you can clearly see a bunch of holes or opening around the tires, and they could be adjusted to suit different kind of terrains (mountain road, rocky, asphal, etc.)

I really love the design of the wheel because it’s not only express the advanced technology alone. It also show us some amazing unique style that most stylist person would love to have.

source [DesignBoom]

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