WarmFoot Heated Floor Mat To Give Your Feet A Cozy Resting Place

Even there is heater in the room, sometimes the feet still can feel the cold when the extreme winter season is striking. Luckily, you can warm your feet with bunch of new warming gadget in the market, which could provide a private warming zone without adding too much of electricity bill.

One of the gadget that looks interesting is this WarmFoot heated floor mats. It’s a new gadget that would provide a cozy heated floor where your feet can stay warm through the winter.

WarmFoot Heated Floor Carpet

This floor mats is coming with a patented “Positive Temperature Coefficient” self-compensating heating element that transform power output with ambient temperature, and it could save you energy by preventing the mat from overheating / getting too hot. What’s cool is that this technology could put out more heat when the temperature turning low.

SAVE MONEY: cold feet make your entire body feel cold-why spend lots of money heating the whole room when you can just heat your feet. Only uses about as much power as a standard light bulb.

SAFETY: Space heaters can cause fires and blow circuit breakers. WarmFoot won’t overheat and operate at a safe 12 volts (same as a car).

SAVE ENERGY: Space heaters get dangerously hot and guzzle energy. WarmFoot uses less than 5% as much power and won’t overheat.

HEALTH: Helps with circulation. Ideal for homes, nursing homes, and hospitals to achieve pleasure and warmth where you need it. Anti-fatigue layer reduced fatigue in cold areas where you stand a lot.

More info on this mat is available at Amazon.

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