Drop Test: iPad Mini Vs. Nexus 7

The mad guy over at Android Authority has done yet another crazy job to torture the new iPad mini and Nexus 7. This time, they are going to do drop test to see which tablet has the most resistance to drop.


The drops were done in three different positions: sideways, front face, and rear plate. However, the real-life test all end up hitting the side zone when dropped from either three of the positions mentioned just now. It’s funny, but that is a real test anyway. You can hardly control it unless you are a mad scientist. Well, have a look at the following video for more details:

Apple iPad Mini seems to be the winner of this test and Nexus 7 failed miserably. The screen shattered, case cracked. In term of build quality, Apple has done a better job on iPad Mini.

Also, after the screen cracked, iPad Mini is still functional, while the Nexus 7 is completely broken (although it’s still properly power up).

[Android Authority]

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