Twist On: The LED Task Light Concept

I’ve always love to have a little task light / desk light when working at the night because it could provide enough light for me to do my job, yet it could save me quite amount of money on each month. I’m still using bulb version, and have planned to get a LED-base reading lamp to save more electricity bill.


When browsing around, this Twist On LED task light concept caught my attention. It’s quite nice design as it’s using the wood style frame and metal base. It was designed by Massimo Los Ghini for ITRE, and this lamp is currently featured on YankoDesign. According to the description, this light could softly distribute the illumination from the diodes. The best thing is that your eyes will not get a direct contact with the naked LED lamp like any ordinary LED reading lamp you’ve seen in the store.


It’s protected by a thin white layer of plastic, but you can still locate where the LED bulbs are. It also has a study metal component for the frame to stand firmly. Sadly, there is no data on how far the arm can stretch. But if the base is heavy enough, it’s can go all the way to the maximum reach.

This lamp is still a concept, but if you have the resources, you can craft one for yourself using this concept as an example.

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