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Toaster USB Hub and Bread Flash Drives With Facial Expressions

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Love to collect cute USB stuffs? Firebox has a new cute flash drive and USB hub that will fit to your need of cutesy. They call it the USB Toaster Hub and Drives, where there are 4 funny looking bread flash drives that will fit into the Toaster USB hub. Heck, they even have their own cute name to call! Meet Butta, Ry Ry, Crip and Tato.


They’ve got an interesting characteristic, eh? Sadly, they are not coming in one complete pack. They are sold individually, and each of them would cost £12.99. The USB toaster hub itself is £17.99, so to complete the collection, you will need to spend $69.95 on them.

Specification wise, The USB hub is featuring four USB ports, has SD memory card slot for reading additional memory card, and capable of managing data by transferring data between devices on the spot. Too bad, it’s not a USB 3.0 device at all, so you are using old standard instead of the blazing fast 3/6Gbps transfer speed. The flash drive is featuring 4GB storage space only, which sum up to 16GB if you get all four of them.

But if all you need is the cutesy (very suitable for collection or as a memorable birthday gift), then you’ll love it anyway.

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