FireWood – Virtual Fire Place

If you are stuck in the office in this Winter to do your work (but you want to have the cozy feeling staying near the fireplace in your home), no worry, this little Firewood can recreate the cozy feeling right on your work desk.


FireWood is a new gadget that let you lit up ‘fire’ wherever you are without being limited to your fireplace. Although it’s not capable of generating heat (I believe most office has it’s own heat air conditioner now), it can recreate a soothing burning fireplace along with the crackle and pop of burning firewood sounds!

Imagine you are working overtime to the midnight, where there is no one else around you except a dark room with a desk lamp shining on your desk and your work. You can’t get home because there still pile of job to do, so it’s impossible for you to enjoy your home’s cozy fireplace without finishing your work first. If the condition match the story above, you can use ths FireWood to recreate the soothing environment. Although it’s mini size, you can actually feel the “heat” through the crackle and pop of the virtual burning firewood.

Even better, FireWood also coming with three different modes:

  • The “Outdoor Mode” allows you to blw on the fireWood to brighten the fire.
  • The “Music Mode” lets you hook up the fireWood with MP3 player and let the flame dance with your music.
  • Last but not least, the “Lightning Mode” allows you to touch the sensor to increase/decrease the brightness and you can use it to illuminate your surrounding.

FireWood Virtual fireplace will be available on Monday 03 December, 2012. Depend on where you are gonna buy this item, you’ll need to fork out about $87.60 to $115. Here are the places you can buy this stuff:

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