LiteOn Clip Mouse Concept by Frank Guo

Designer Frank Guo trying to recreate the functionality of a mouse and clip, and fused them together to get another new type of PC accessory for the mass. Everyone should have familiar with a touch mouse. It require not more click or physical scroller, thus the design could be much compact than the conventional mouse.

By using this opportunity, Frank Guo introduced a strange but useful (kinda) CLIP MOUSE concept, where the touch mouse will also functional as the laptop clip, either for securing the mouse in place or lock down the lit from being opened accidentally.


Designer Frank Guo innocently muses at the thought of using a laptop mouse, which can be cumbersome. As a solution he’s drawn up on the Clip Mouse, which requires no carrying. Its unique ‘C’ shape and flexible material provide an easy way to affix the mouse to a laptop. Simply slide it on from the side and it attaches to the laptop securely.


Looks cool, but at the same time it’s pretty fragile. Unless the bent spot is made with strong material, a simple push might break it in two parts.

[via YankoDesign]

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