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Popup Lego: Lego Structure That Pop Up Like Popping Picture Book

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An amazing Japanese with the YouTube username of talapz has come up with an amazing popping picture book made with LEGO bricks! What’s cool is that you can open it up (or close it) like a real popping picture book and it will reveal a big structure complete with the zen garden, and even a Buddha statue inside the building.



Pop-up LEGO!
I made ​​a Todai-ji Temple of World Heritage in Lego.
Pop out like popping picture book.

Watch the following for more details:

Apparently, he has spent quite a lot of money to make this foldable structures. Based on the blueprint at the end of the video, he has used 8816 pieces of lego bricks to build this Popup Lego. If each piece of lego cost around $0.30, he had spent over $2500+ for this building!

If you think you love his works and would like to build the same thing, you can head over to Lego store to get the required stuffs. Here is the details of which parts you’ll need to create this massive foldable building.


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