Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Gets Lower Price Update

Nook Touch is one of the most interesting ebook reader in the market because of the price factor. Most ebook reader out there is kind of off the fence instead of inside the fence. If you’ve read about this Nook Touch in the past, you’ll know how cheap this ereader is! Also, it’s been proven to be the most hackable ebook reader as well. We have seen how the geek at Lifehacker turn this ebook reader into a full-fledge Android tablet. We have also seen how to run Sonic game on this device!

nook touch

The best of all, B&N is dropping another $20 on this device, which means you can now purchase this e-reader for just $79 a pop!

Now that’s what I call cheap quality stuff. I doubt people would have any difficulty to get a hold of it. It’s even cheaper than some ebook courses that I purchased yesterday.

Of course, there is no way for Nook Touch to beat Beagle in price. But a second option is always better then nothing.

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