Real Jellyfish Aquarium With Amazing Light Show

Raising fish in the aquarium is nothing new now. The latest cool pet that you can raise in your aquarium has expanded from the casual mini salt water fish to actually raising the semi-transparent being – the Jellyfish!


Yep, it’s a real jellyfish there, not some plastic creatures that you can get from Aquapict aquarium. It’s made exclusively for raising a few moon jellyfishes (about 3-5), but you can also mix it with a few jellyfish friendly fishes (such as the nemo). This is the truly new aquarium with excellent design and lighting. The body of the jellyfish will be able to reflect the color of the lighting, creating a mesmerizing underwater live light show.

Users can switch the color of the light to suit their taste and mood. What’s cool is that the aquarium will not take a lot of space (it’s flat suface, you can align it to the wall), and there is an automatic pump system to filter the water and providing oxygen.


Another cool stuff is that the purchase of the aquarium also coming with the kit, which has included the 6-month stock of food and three healthy jellyfishes as well! You don’t have to purchase it separately for your local fish store anymore.

If you are interested to pet these exotic pets, check the aquarium out at Amazon.

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