Geographical Globe With Self-Rotation and Night Mode

If you’ve seen the night time of our Earth, you’ll know how beautiful it is. You can freely browse around the most popular continents using Google Map night mode, but if you are lazy opening your tablet or laptop, here is a practical substitution in case you love the night time globe.


This is a self-rotating geographical globe with interesting night mode. So when the light in off, you can clearly see the globe glowing, like the one you’ve seen on Google Earth or Maps. There is a specific name to call this globe: “The City Lights 10-inch Globe”, which clearly tell you that the glows and illumination will coming from the large cities, not the grounds without inhabitant. It’s magnificent for desk decoration, at home, study room, or in the office.

Chinese believed that if you’ve a mini globe on your desk and you keep playing (rotating) it frequently when you have time, your businesses will go around the globe as well. If you believe this type of superstitious as well, this version is convenient and practical because it will rotate by itself without your intervention (means businesses are running passively now? Interesting.)


Anyway, it will looks just like a normal self-rotating 10-inch globe in the day light. The effect will live only when the room is dim or night time has come. If you are interested, this Illuminated City Lights Globe is priced at $60, but I’m sure you’ll get a better price at Amazon ($37, at the time of publishing this article.)

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