Black+Blum Thermo Pot – No More Cold Food, Unless You Want It

For those who are buying with their business, it’s a rare sight for them the cook their meal 2/3 times a day. Usually, busy people will cook once in the morning and never cook ago. Medically speaking, it’s not healthy at all to eat cold meal, especially a supper. However, thanks to the advancement in food storage technology, people are allow to store their food and keep them warm for a long time, without using microwave.


This new Stainless Steel Vacuum Food container/flask is one of the most popular and high quality device to keep your food warm for a long time. It’s perfect for storing hot porridge, soup, or cold icy drinks. It also comes with a stainless steel spoon and magnetic holder at the side of the vacuum flask

It comes with 10 years guarantee of the vacuum, and it has biodgradable cork, polypropylene and silicone top with minimal thread detail, which mean you’ve no need to spin and spin and spin to open the cover.

They call this food container as Black+Blum Thermo Pot and it’s current on sale at Amazon. Check the latest price directly on Amazon.

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