Sushi Memo Blocks

If you need a little humor in your office, especial on your boring office desk where you have to stay for 8 hours a day, you’ll appreciate this type of creativity. Introducing the Sushi Memo blocks, a post-it notes that is taking the shape of Japan’s most tasty Sushi food.



It’s not yet another boring yellow stick-it note that you’ve put in your monitor frame. I really hate it but I have bunch of them sticking at the side of my laptop screen. The more the jobs, the more I stick. Can you imagine how boring it will look the I feel the frame all with yellow post it note?

All you need to know is that the Sushi block is better than your old yellowish post it note. You will not get boring with it any sooner, as when you purchase the memo blocks, it comes in 4 different styles, including Eggs, Salmon, Tuna and Fatty Tuna. Ah, If you’ve never had sushi before, you’ll not figure out what are they, which one of them in Fatty tuna, and which one is tuna. Sadly, you’ll still end up with a bunch of white pads in the middle to the end. Can’t blame them. Sushi is expensive and you’ll get more ‘rice’ out of a cheap sushi.


The size is 40mm (w) × 90mm (d) × 40mm (h), perfect long rectangular shape. Is just like something that I would got when playing pixel style game. Pretty cute and eye-catching.


Price: $19.20 upward, depend on which merchant you love.
Where to Buy: The Fancy ($30), WhiteRabbit ($19.20), Rakuten ($19.92)

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