Sony PS4: $100 Cheaper – Trying To Beat Xbox One In Price War


As a PlayStation fans, I certainly agree that Sony has made a great move this time in order to seize more buyers. Prior to E3, Sony planned to priced their PS4 for $500, which is equal to Xbox One offering.

However, later Sony decided to excluded their PS Eye and slash the priced down to $399. In fact, the PS Eye when you buy it separately, it’s cheaper at $60 a pop. It’s wise decision to exclude the exclusive bundle to help gamer save money on the initial purchase, and making competition looks much better on Sony’s side.

Most gamers (including me) are not really attracted to the extra peripheral, unless there are some exclusive titles that could fully make use of the PS eye and PS Move.

Sony would release this Standard Edition in this Dec 31, which is one month after Xbox One release date on November. Those gamers who’ve got some cash to burn would definitely buy both of the consoles. However, if you are willing to wait, You can get a $100 cheaper next gen console by getting the PS4 instead.


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