Buffalo Releases 2TB MiniStation USB 3.0 Portable HDD With High Shock Tolerance And 256-bit AES Encryption

Buffalo’s portable storage solution is getting better on each new release. We have bought one of the ministation in the past and have no complaint at all. It’s not the world’s smallest or thinnest, but it gets its job done beautifully without causing much trouble for us.

Again, the company has rolled out another new MiniStation series which has come with the latest USB 3.0 superspeed standard. Known as the MiniStation HDPNTU3 Portable HDD, it has a massive 2TB or Terabyte storage capacity on a portable form factor, plus a shock absorbing internal frame to be able to survive from higher drops.

Buffalo MiniStation HDPNTU3 Portable HDD

People might think that Buffalo MiniStation HDPNTU3 portable HDD is hiding two 2.5-inch internal HDDs inside the case. But it seems Buffalo is using a special internal HDD where it could hold 2TB in one 2.5-inch HDD. This image should at least prove my suspicion:

Buffalo MiniStation HDPNTU3 Portable HDD - Shock Absorption

Above show you how the single-drive is protected by the enhanced hybrid structure of the eight shock absorbing rubbers and shock-absorbing frame. Although Buffalo is not mentioning the limit, I guess it could still survive drop from table or work desk.

What’s amazing is that you’ll need no extra power source to turn this hard drive. A single USB 3.0 BUS power is enough to let this baby wake up and start running. It’s best for netbook or laptop with limited USB supply. For the connection speed, it could be boosted using Buffalo’s Turbo PC and Turbo Copy applications. All data store in this portable hard drive can be encrypted with the strongest anti-theft 256-bit AES encryption.


It looks like quite a nice portable hard drive. It’s mini sized, secure, big storage capacity and it has a high shock tolerance. However, what will become the main problem is the pricing. For US$392 (31,080 JPY), it’s still cheaper to get two 1TB 2.5-inch internal HDD from Western Digital at $118 each and add around $50 for two quality HDD enclosures.

But if you love the portability of not bringing two HDD where you can bring only one, this Buffalo MiniStation 2TB Portable HDD is indeed a good solution. Except it to hit the retailer store in Japan in late June 2012. But we have no idea when it will be shipped to US.


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