Cute White Poodle USB Hub For Laptop

Haven’t got enough USB 2.0 hub to play with, and at the same time you are the fans of Poodle puppy? Here I’ve found one that might be your interest. It’s a new USB hub with white poodle doggy body, with its feet turned into USB ports. Four feet, four USB 2.0 ports. To hook up with your PC, there is a kind of dog leash end up with USB connector that you can plug it into your laptop of desktop.


Any amount of extra USB port is always helpful, especially when you are fans of using thumb drives. Also, for a fans of poodle doggies, they would love to get something like this White Poodle USB hub instead of the common USB Hub. Well, a Poodle doggy is looking good for some, but bad for others. I can’t blame you if you think the USB hub design is worthless, but I believe the fans would appreciate the effort of the company to produce them anyway.


If you are the in the group who love poodle puppies, I believe you’ll want to get this USB hub for just $16 at FredFlare.

[via GeekAlerts]

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