Topless Shoes – Wearing Shoes Made Easy [Concept]

Wearing shoes has always been a difficult task for people with fat belly. They can’t properly bend down to reach their shoes and wear them on their feet. They’ve to waste quite a long minutes before they can start their running sessions to flatten their belly. Of course, it’s also difficult for the elders who’ve suffered from serious arthritis. it would be wonderful if we can wear shoes by just stepping on it.


Perhaps, designers Zhao Xiaoliang, Han Like, Liu Peng, Meng Qingbao, Ren Mingjun, Yang Xiao, Chen Xuan and Lin Lin are inspired by this problem. They’ve created a “topless shoes” that will make wearing shoes an easy stuff. The topless shoes is coming with three parts: Soles, muscle and skin. Your feet will snug into the muscle as it has notches that will allow your feet to slip it. Once, your feet are in place, you are good to go. No need to tie knots or whatever. Just step on it, and do your walk.


It’s like sinking your foot into a warm cushy hole and expecting it to ‘walk’ with you at every step. The elastic layer called ‘muscle’ parts under the foot and encloses it in a firm yet comfortable grip. Ideal for folks who find wearing shoes a huge task, and I’d sure like to give them a try.


[via YankoDesign][GeekAlerts]

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