Leaf Wireless Kinetic Mouse Is A Self-Powered PC Mouse

This type of concept is a long waited one for guys like me. I have no idea how many battery I’ve replaced for my wireless mouse as I’ve used it quite a lot for work and play. It’s both expensive if you think it carefully when comparing to a casual wired mouse, and not really-earth friendly as battery is a dangerous stuff for the Mother Earth, too!


With this concept – the Leaf Wireless Kinetic Mouse, I can both save money and safe the earth from hazardous stuffs like an alkaline battery. The concept is stating that the Leaf Wireless Kinetic Mouse is capable of self-powering by collecting energy from the movement made by users. There is a triangle design with three roller balls that will move as we move the mouse around, which then convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.


The concept promises that user will never have to replace the battery again if they are using Leaf Wireless Kinetic mouse. It sounds pretty cool for me, but no really understand how the triangle self-powered system will work in real life.


I’m sincerely hope that such kind of mouse will be produce soon (or ASAP) because it’s not only good for the environment, it also enhanced the quality of the users. The mouse is not only eco-friendly and green, but it’s also very modern, futuristic and slimy. If it’s released next year (let’s hope so) for $100, I’m the first to grab it for sure. :)

[via YankoDesign][Geeky Gadgets]

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