Toy: Reducing Stress by Slingshoting Animals

Amazon have a cool name for this toy: “Flying Screaming Slingshot Cow!”

Pretty funny to read and kinda cruel. Although this piece of toy cost you $6.60 only, it’s indeed a great joy playing it. Especially for surprising people around your office just like this movie:

Basically, this toy really “Flying and Screaming” when you slingshot it. Best toy to reduce stress and making fun of others. There is several animal models and voices available at amazon store.

Flying Screaming SlingShot Pig:

Flying Screaming SlingShot Duck:

Flying Screaming Slingshot Monkey:

Flying Screaming Slingshot Frog:

Cow and chicken also available but I can’t find the movie for you right now. May be after you buy it, you can upload the video and share it for us? 😉

If you have spare money, get one or two of them would give you another laugh when stress.

Find out more at Amazon. Each animal have a different pricing. So, just browse around the store and see which animal you would prefer to have.

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