Concrete Watch By Dzmitry Samal

We have seen the concrete equipment made for the espresso lovers, now we have found another concrete stuff for the watch lovers. Designer Dzmitry Samal has just release his unique timepiece design and some part of the timepiece is made from real concrete!


It’s shape and design is pretty cool, urban style, with silhouette skyscrapers as the needles. There are 8 different designs and colors to choose from, mainly red, blue, white and black filling with two basic concrete designs.


“Watchmaking, as I see is more than just a time measuring mechanism. It is the main male jewelry and should reflect the personality and strength of its owner. I chose concrete, a noble, modern, honest and robust material, the stuff our megapolis are made of. My watches tell the story of an alliance of French creativity and Swiss technical performance, innovating in a field that has never been explored in watchmaking before.My designs are sophisticated in their simplicity and plainly contemporary…” – Dzmitry Samal

This Concrete watch is good for collection, however, it’s too bad that the concrete watch didn’t come with the concrete price. If you think this watch is as cheap as a concrete that you can purchase in the material store, you are wrong.

Concrete watch by Dzmitry Samal is a luxurious watch that you’ll have to fork out thousand dollars to get it. These watches were listed for at least EUR980 (equal to US$1,190) for the Heptagonal design, while the half rounded one is priced on a higher level at EUR1,240 or equal to US$1,500. Wow for that!

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