Amazing Flat Shelves For Minimalist Home

Shelf design is not always have to be so space-eating. There are a lot of amazing shelves design right now for the contemporary and minimalist house design. The latest one that I fall in love with is this Shelves called Klaffi.


If you are living in a tiny room like myself, you’ll really love this type of shelves that could be flatten to the wall. Yes, FLATTEN to the wall. As you can see from the picture above, the shelves is all foldable. Each of them stand individually, can be fold up when not in use. Based on the specification, it could hold a full stack of magazine, which I think is impressive. I believe the there is an extra work in the hinge to allow the flat board to stand horizontally even there is a heavy stuff above it.

Oh, don’t be fooled by the picture into thinking that the shelves are joined together. It’s actually coming in one long vertical shelves and if I’m correct, the picture above show you the combination of 5 different Klaffi shelves and sizes.


It can be used not only for hosting books, it also good for electronic, cookware, accessories, or even your boozes collection. I found this on the Fancy for $1100, but you can find more details at the several merchant sites and designer page as well.

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  • Yankee Fan

    These are fantsastic for new york apartments. Mine is only 4oo sq foot so I need thiese right now.

  • Alice

    Wow that is impressive. Would be great in a Tiny House

  • Gamer

    thanks for finding this Ken! looks like a great idea.

  • Dimitri Cousins

    Looks sleek. the price is pretty up there, though.

  • Anthony

    I could use this in every room. If I can get that for under $600 I’d buy

  • Love it

    So cool, I love minimalism. Maybe Ikea will find a way to do something similar for cheaper.

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