uPixie USB Pulse Massager

Working all day long in front of a computer is pretty tiring, especially where you don’t have a proper ‘ergonomic’ workspace to support your body. Body tend to feel the stiffness, aches or even pains in the thighs or shoulders. If you are the frequent “victim” of those troublesome experiences, OSIM has a nice massage tool for you that you can use it when you are playing/working on your laptop.


This is the uPixie – a new massage device that uses EMS, not Express Mail Service – it’s the new muscle treatment called “Electric Muscle Stimulation”.

This uPixie will pull power from your laptop’s USB port to activate the mechanism of the machine, and all you have to do is to attach the pads onto the parts of your body. Feel your neck stiff? attach the pad to your neck. Back pain? attach it. Thighs aches? just attach it.


Once you attached the pad to your body, uPixie will start its jobs massaging the part stick with the pad. There are three pre-programmed motions coming along, but you can create your own and store it on uPixie’s 2GB onboard storage.

This uPixie is being sold for $170 right now.

[uPixie OSIM][winarco]

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