Microsoft Kinect Technology Coming To Laptop

Kinect is really wonderful for Xbox 360 where we can play games with our body movement and extract some sweats for a healthier gaming experience. This device has really chance the way we interact with games or applications, and perhaps it will be the key to decrease the obesity rate in the States. We have heard that Microsoft has tested the firmware for PC so PC user can also have fun with it, but haven’t really see any improvement and which application has uses this feature.


Now, we have got a further information that Microsoft is eyeing to integrate Kinect with future laptops. According to TheDaily, there is prototype (an unidentified netbook) of the integration of netbook and kinect, but there is no further details on this matter.

Microsoft has confirmed that they are currently working on the desktop version of Kinect. The question is, when will Microsoft officially released this PC-friendly kinect? Will it be a firmware update alone or there will be an entire new Kinect made just for PC user? No matter which one, keyboard and mouse will never be alone anymore in the future.

[via TheDaily]

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