BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – It’s Rugged, Loud, and Portable!

Fancy for a new bluetooth wireless speaker for your office or home? Check out this new BeatBlock speaker!


It’s not the coolest kid in town, but BeatBlock pretty loud for the size of it. It’s just about as wide as an iPhone and 1.5x longer. You can easily carry it around and each full charge could score for hours of playtime.


The specification said that BeatBlock is “Ultra Powerful”, but I wouldn’t go as far as “ultra” goes. It’s just that if you tune your song in one room, you can definitely hear it clearly in the kitchen, living room or bathroom (if you let the door half open).

Indeed, it outperformed most speaker. it’s loud and clear, but I wouldn’t say that it has amazing sound quality as well. It’s just acceptable, but not on the level that will discourage your mood.

BeatBlock is definitely interesting for those who dislike bulky speaker with tangling cable. If you are interested, you can check it out at Amazon. I saw that out of 17 reviewers, 15 people rate it 5 stars (a good indication that people love it!).

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