Designer Sleeves – Funky Protection for your Notebook

Remember the DIY laptop sleeves from Skooba that I’ve covered few days ago? It’s for you who have that time and have those skills to draw your art and creation on the sleeve surface. What if you don’t have the skill (or lazy to draw yourself) while demanding on a cool designer sleeves?

Well, it’s easy as long as you have budget in your pocket. :) serve this needs. Whenever you feel lazy to draw by yourself with DIY laptop sleeve, just fire up your firefox and browse though them. currently have 47 fabulous designs awaiting for you to choose. Here is some example of designer sleeves laptop cases:

Stylish, Artistic, funky and cool designs. Although some of the designs are simple photoshop creation, they ‘ve solved your lazy problem anyway… So what’s the problem? :)

Designer Sleeve Laptop Cases are a fun yet functional way to protect your laptop computer. Designer Sleeves Laptop Cases are composed of thick, durable neoprene rubber that cushions your laptop for maximum protection. The sleek design safely slides in and out of your backpack, briefcase or luggage with ease.

They are perfect for life on campus, business travel, everyday work, or vacation. Best of all, the natural rubberized feel of the wet suit material is fun and functional, while providing natural moisture, shock and scratch protection.”

There are 3 sizes available to choose. Just go and find out your favorite in Gallery. Have fun choosing! :)

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