Mr. Clock Radio – The Sleepy Head

Don’t you agree this clock looks like a sleepy head? Oh, It’s not cute and not cool at all, not after you’ve seen what he is capable of. :)

Let this Youtube explain everything:

Oh, Hmm… I still think Mr. Clock Radio is a sleepy head. But hey! He has awesome features and mecha voice to ruin our nice morning sleep! His eyes blinks, Neck Spinning, Head Glowing, it also make some India head dance!

You can play your MP3s through him, he can wake you up 30 different ways, he can even tell your fortune! Mr Clock Radio is probably the most entertaining clock you’ve ever seen. He moves his head, blinks his eyes and he speaks with a friendly robotic voice that will even warn you if you hit snooze too many times. Includes AC adapter.

I’m sure he will do his job well to wake us up. If you find Mr. Clock Radio interesting and would allow him to ruin your morning, Check out more detail spec on for $88 or for $68.95 only!

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  • The flexibility of those frames is really impressive.

    You mentioned the lenses are made of polycarbonate, but could you tell me what kind of tests they pass? ANSI, Military testing?

    I would like to take a look at this. Maybe they are competitive with Wiley-X.

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