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Espresso Machine – Should you get one?

You’ve arrived at this page, that’s mean you are either looking of information about espresso, or you are actually trying to get one. Well, Espresso Machine is a great additional (or even an important) appliance for your kitchen if you love to sip a nice cup of espresso, latte, cappuccino or even a well-brewed coffee each morning without visiting the local cafe. It safe you both on time to travel to the cafe, and money because it way cheaper to make it yourself.

There are two common types of espresso machine currently available in the market. There is a steam model and pump model. The most searched model is the pump version because only on this model, the machine can create enough pressure and generate thick crema – the soul of every espresso and the most tasty part.

Steam espresso machine cannot create such kind of pressure to generate enough crema, and most experts advised that only pump machines worth the look. Of course, if you have a thick wallet to get on something better, there is also a high-end model known as the Automatic machine.

Automatic machine has got everything you need. From pumps, sensors, valves, and grinders, frother and so on. Depending on your cash on hand, this type of espresso machine is pretty expensive. But that’s not what we are reviewing for now. Our focus is to guide you to find the best espresso machine, that has both value and features in a good balance.

It doesn’t mean if you are capable of getting expensive espresso machine you’ll be able to make great espresso. It’s still have to depend on the skills, experiences, and ‘golden ratio’. We’ll offer some useful tips, tricks and tutorials and we’ll get you to find your own golden ratio to make your own great espresso.

You can really make a cafe-quality espresso with a mid-class machine if you know how!

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