Amazing Flat Shelves For Minimalist Home

Shelf design is not always have to be so space-eating. There are a lot of amazing shelves design right now for the contemporary and minimalist house design. The latest one that I fall in love with is this Shelves called Klaffi.


If you are living in a tiny room like myself, you’ll really love this type of shelves that could be flatten to the wall. Yes, FLATTEN to the wall. As you can see from the picture above, the shelves is all foldable. Each of them stand individually, can be fold up when not in use. Based on the specification, it could hold a full stack of magazine, which I think is impressive. I believe the there is an extra work in the hinge to allow the flat board to stand horizontally even there is a heavy stuff above it.

Oh, don’t be fooled by the picture into thinking that the shelves are joined together. It’s actually coming in one long vertical shelves and if I’m correct, the picture above show you the combination of 5 different Klaffi shelves and sizes.


It can be used not only for hosting books, it also good for electronic, cookware, accessories, or even your boozes collection. I found this on the Fancy for $1100, but you can find more details at the several merchant sites and designer page as well.


JuiceCane: The Scalable Power Bank

If you’ve ever wished to have a super big power bank for your portable devices so they can stay away from power outlet longer, this new JuiceCane power bank is the most suitable solution.


Without the restriction of the old square-shaped design, designer Wel Long come up with a bamboo-shaped tube-like design with the ability to scale the mAh mark even larger than what it supposed to be. He call it JuiceCane, similar to a can of Coke, but the difference is that you can let them stack together to increase the size.


Each JuiceCane contains 7800mAh battery juice, has two USB ports where you can charge two gadgets simultaneously, and there are 7 color series that you can choose from (milk-white/ blackberry-black/ cherry-red/ strawberry-pink/ blueberry-blue/ aloe-green/ lemon-yellow). What’s cool is that beside it can stack together to get more power, it also coming with a built-in 2.3W LED light in each JuiceCane.

According to AmpTech (the inventors), the JuiceCane is capable of providing up to 200 hours of light source with 100 meters radius by using the tiny little 2.3w LED. Furthermore, it seems the company is also developing accessories for JuiceCane so it can be use not only as power bank, but also some other useful things (i.e, torch, lantern, bluetooth speaker, massager or 12V car charger.)

“Beautiful shapes like bamboo-joints, in meaning “continually to get promoted, 节节高升 (jie jie gao sheng)”. The size is easy to grasp in your hand. You can use one JuiceCan in your daily life; When camping and travelling, you can easily combine JuiceCans into JuiceCane forming larger capacity that meets longer needs.”

JuiceCane can be found at Indiegogo page where you can pledge for it. It’s not yet release (estimated release date: March/April 2013) but the retail price for JuiceCane is $50. If you want to get it cheaper, the only way around is to pledge on the provided options. Starting price is from $33 to $1500, where the most expensive option will give you 50 pieces of JuiceCanes and accessories.


Concrete Watch By Dzmitry Samal

We have seen the concrete equipment made for the espresso lovers, now we have found another concrete stuff for the watch lovers. Designer Dzmitry Samal has just release his unique timepiece design and some part of the timepiece is made from real concrete!


It’s shape and design is pretty cool, urban style, with silhouette skyscrapers as the needles. There are 8 different designs and colors to choose from, mainly red, blue, white and black filling with two basic concrete designs.


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Toy: Reducing Stress by Slingshoting Animals

Amazon have a cool name for this toy: “Flying Screaming Slingshot Cow!”

Pretty funny to read and kinda cruel. Although this piece of toy cost you $6.60 only, it’s indeed a great joy playing it. Especially for surprising people around your office just like this movie:

Basically, this toy really “Flying and Screaming” when you slingshot it. Best toy to reduce stress and making fun of others. There is several animal models and voices available at amazon store.

Flying Screaming SlingShot Pig:

Flying Screaming SlingShot Duck:

Flying Screaming Slingshot Monkey:

Flying Screaming Slingshot Frog:

Cow and chicken also available but I can’t find the movie for you right now. May be after you buy it, you can upload the video and share it for us? 😉

If you have spare money, get one or two of them would give you another laugh when stress.

Find out more at Amazon. Each animal have a different pricing. So, just browse around the store and see which animal you would prefer to have.


Philips Wake-Up Light – New Model

After their successes with their first generation of wake-up light (it’s a hot sell btw), Philips has debuted the next gen of wake-up light with better/softer design to imitate the rounded sun.


This is the Philips Wake-up light HF3520, which will wake the user up from their sweet dream gently using increasing of illumination. It’s really identical with the first gen, only the design has a touch as well as some added features and functionality.

At a glance, here is what this second gen of Philips Wake-up Light has to offer:

  • Color-changing light offers a gradual, natural way to wake up
  • Adjustable sunrise simulation and five nature sounds wake you up naturally
  • Light simulation starts 20 to 40 minutes before alarm
  • Automatic display dimming and 20 brightness light settings
  • Includes touch snooze controls and FM radio
  • Backed by clinical research and proven to be effective


Unlike the previous model, Philips HF3520 is now capable of adjusting the sunrise simulation and dusk simulation. It also have more number of wake-up sounds (5 vs 2) that you can choose to hear every morning. The only downside is that you won’t be able to replace the light bulb when it’s broken. Everything is sealed tightly inside the rounded dome and removing the rounded cap might void the warranty.


Overall, it’s a nice light alarm for your bedside without the usual annoying buzzing sounds to break your blissful morning. Sadly, it will cost more dollars if you want to buy this new model. Based on the pricing at Amazon, Philips HF3520 is selling for $120 a pop. Add another $50 for the HF3550 model if you want to sync it up with your iPhone (they have a free app for it).