Copco Bag Cap – Simple Bagged Foods Sealer

Dislike the look of the usual clip for sealing your leftover bagged foods (potato chips, peas, nuts, etc.)? Then you can get this creative (but not really necessary btw…) sealing gadget to keep your food fresh and tightly shut.


This is Copco Bag Cap that comes in two forms with different sizes. It’s easy to use as you can simply attach the two piece bag cap to your open bag (one at the outer side, after flipping the bag to open, the second one with cap going into it) to seal the freshness of your food. No matter what kind of food you have, as long as it’s a bagged one, Copco bag cap can be used just like any ordinary bagged food clip. It’s refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe. Depend on the type of cap, the price is starting from as low as $4, while the larger version will cost above $15.

You can even get them in a pack of 12, or pack of 24 for a much cheaper price.


Light Show Fountain Speaker Set

Even kids know that their electronic toy will be broken when come in contact with water, and it’s been the natural law that electronic devices are weak with water. However, disregarding the elements incompatibility, people nowadays can create the mix anyway. For example, I’ve found this unique Light Show Fountain Speakers that has a water fountain system above the electronic-based speaker!


Well, the creator did a great job sealing the water above the speaker, inside a transparent tube where you can witness the beauty of the fountain light show. There is supposed to be a small pump system inside the speaker that could shoot the water stream up high and there are also four multi-colored LEDs spicing up the mood (I believe the fountain will dance with the music). It looks especially cool for a dark/dim workspace or entertainment room.

Interesting, no? If you love to get one, this little speaker fountain is available for $39.99 at ThinkGeek. Sadly, it’s currently out of stock at TG. You have to wait 1-3 weeks for the next batch of stock. If you are in a hurry, you can go to Amazon for their Christmas shipping deal. There are quite a few of fountain speaker designs available at Amazon.


Donut Plug Socket Concept Makes Plugging A Breeze

A concept that could help our life do not have to be an exceptional or amazing concept. The idea could be a very small one, but in fact it can have an extraordinary effect when implemented into our life, especially to the tools that we commonly use everyday.

There is an amazing helpful concept have been created ​​by some Korean people named: Suhyun Yoo, Jinwoo Kim and Chae Eunah called “Donut Plug Socket”, which will ease our life from searching for holes to plug in. 😉


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DIY Wooden Ballista – Your Personal Desktop Long-Range Weapon

Get a hold of this mini Ballista and you can start a mini war with your friends or co-worker in the office when lunch break. It’s a fun little artillery weapon with wooden bolts shaped like a bullet. All you need to do is to pull and hook the cord to the trigger, set the bolts, aim and pull the trigger to launch the attack! It can attack anything up to 30-feet away!


Each Wooden Ballista Kit is laser cut for easy assembly. Just follow the full color illustrated instruction manual and you’ll be firing the included wooded bullets in no time. And we mean FIRING! See, this Wooden Ballista Kit makes a Ballista so powerful, you’ll be launching the included wooden bullets around 30 feet or more! That means you get the joy of putting together your own Wooden Ballista Kit, you get the pride of listening to people admire your handiwork, and then you get the pleasure nailing them as they walk back to their desk. Boo-yah!


  • Build your own ballista that is not only pretty, but functional.
  • Based on an Ancient Roman design.
  • All parts laser cut out of hardwood.
  • Includes: ballista parts, wooden ammo, and full color instructions.
  • Range: approx. 30 feet!
  • Assembled Dimensions: 8″ x 6″ x 6″.

This Ballista Kit is available at ThinkGeek ($21) and Amazon ($17).


Sony Slashed Down Tablet S Price by $100 For 16GB Model


Perhaps to celebrate the New Year eve, Sony is reported to cut down their tablet S price starting on the new year and you can get the 16GB model at a much cheaper price. According to our source, Sony has slashed down $100 from the original price of $499, so you can now get Sony Tablet S Android tablet for $399 only at Sony Store.

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