Sphelar Hourglass-shaped Lantern – The Eco-Friendly Solar Lamp

Here is one cool, eco-friendly, using the latest solar panel technology, and expensive piece of solar lantern. Sphelar Hourglass Lantern Solar Lamp is a new solar gadget that utilized the Sphelar solar cells made by Japanese, which is a solar system consist of thousands mini spherical solar cells floated in a transparent container.


It’s an interesting solar technology and it’s been highly respected by European architects. Sphelar was more a technology for power up home as they’ll be installed on the wall and windows, but it can be used on a small gadget like this Hourglass-shaped lantern as well.

Here is a short video that introduce you to the Sphelar technology:

Sphelar hourglass lantern is the most sophisticated solar lamp you would ever found in the market today. It’s designed by Kyosemi Corporation and design studio graf to show the mildness of Japanese craftmanship, as well as the blend of technology and the nature.


We’re super excited about this product, not least because it looks great but also as it has all kinds of implications for stylish home accessories in the future. And it’s not every day that you come across an item with such a high-level design and advanced eco technology to boot!


Partly made in handpolished wood (birch or walnut) from sustainable forests, the Sphelar Lantern is an LED lamp that captures sunlight in every direction to provide you with elegant illumination during the evening and night. The solar power comes courtesy of spherical solar cells, which are superior to regular flat solar cells because they diffuse the sunlight from every direction and can even be used in windows and as other flexible forms.

The Sphelar Hourglass Lantern features:

  • LED lamp with birch or walnut (choose below, or get both!)
  • Size: around 21 x 8cm (8.3 x 3.1″)
  • Life: around 4 hours continuously (full charge)
  • Charging time: around 6-8 hours in direct sunlight and in sunny conditions
  • Can also be charged by USB cable (and AC adaptor) (around 3 hours till full charge)


Sphelar Hourglass Lantern eco-friendly solar lamp is available right now in Japan. You can get it via JapanTrendShop if you are interested.


Samsung NX1000 WiFi Camera Is Now Available

Samsung NX1000, which has known as the most affordable and most compact mirrorless camera has become available in Samsung official site and Amazon. The package is coming with a 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and GN8 compact flash unit.


This camera is perfect for photographers who can strip high-end display from the list, as it featured a 3-inch ordinary LCD as the viewer. As a quick overview, Samsung NX1000 is featuring 20.3-megapixel camera with large CMOS sensor, has Wi-Fi connectivity to hook up with your computer or directly to the internet to upload content to Youtube or Facebook, has supported 1080p 30fps HD video recording, Panorama, Smart Panel, cloud storage access and sleek lightweight design.

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SwitchEasy Melt iPhone 4S Cases Is Melting Away Like A Ice Cream With Christmas Theme

In case you still have some cash left from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Crazy time, you might want to get this new iPhone 4S case from SwitchEasy to celebrate this year’s Christmas with suitable themed case.


SwitchEasy is introducing a new case called Melt that looks like a melting ice on the rear plate, with the base a red color dressing like the Santa’s color. The white melting cream has a little bit of texture that you can feel it with your hand. The case is made with polycarbonate case, which you can slip in your iPhone 4S without trouble. It offers scratch-protection and minor bumps from rear side.

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Microsoft Kinect Technology Coming To Laptop

Kinect is really wonderful for Xbox 360 where we can play games with our body movement and extract some sweats for a healthier gaming experience. This device has really chance the way we interact with games or applications, and perhaps it will be the key to decrease the obesity rate in the States. We have heard that Microsoft has tested the firmware for PC so PC user can also have fun with it, but haven’t really see any improvement and which application has uses this feature.


Now, we have got a further information that Microsoft is eyeing to integrate Kinect with future laptops. According to TheDaily, there is prototype (an unidentified netbook) of the integration of netbook and kinect, but there is no further details on this matter.

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uPixie USB Pulse Massager

Working all day long in front of a computer is pretty tiring, especially where you don’t have a proper ‘ergonomic’ workspace to support your body. Body tend to feel the stiffness, aches or even pains in the thighs or shoulders. If you are the frequent “victim” of those troublesome experiences, OSIM has a nice massage tool for you that you can use it when you are playing/working on your laptop.


This is the uPixie – a new massage device that uses EMS, not Express Mail Service – it’s the new muscle treatment called “Electric Muscle Stimulation”.

This uPixie will pull power from your laptop’s USB port to activate the mechanism of the machine, and all you have to do is to attach the pads onto the parts of your body. Feel your neck stiff? attach the pad to your neck. Back pain? attach it. Thighs aches? just attach it.

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