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HP Slate Tablet – Launching On This September 2010?

image of HP Slate Tablet – Launching On This September 2010?

There is a buzz lately about the true iPad killer from HP. Known as the HP Slate Tablet PC, a Spanish website (Clipset) has got a news about the release date of Slat Tablet PC on September 2010. Is it true or not, we have no evidence yet. But Clipset also saying that the HP [...]

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SmartHome Cortexa Touchscreen Displays

image of SmartHome Cortexa Touchscreen Displays

SmartHome has introduced two new displays dubbed as Cortexa Touchscreen Display, aiming for home DIY enthusiast who want to develop their own style of home automation product site. The displays sports an access to the Cortexa Home Automation Controller, where you can fiddle with its internal guts if you want to so. SmartHome Cortexa Touchscreen [...]

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